Cambridge Police, Fire and Rescue Squads are at 911. Harvard Police: 5-1212. IN CASE OF FIRE, the fire alarms are to the left and right of the elevators, by the back stairways. If you are in the building when the alarm sounds please leave your office or classroom immediately, and close the door behind you. Please use the rear stairways to leave the building, exiting through the fire doors, and congregating on the lawn alongside Divinity Ave. so that we can keep the front entrance area clear for the Fire Department.

Non-Emergency Maintenance

For facility maintenance which is not an emergency, please submit an online work order request through the PRESTO work order system using the link above. Sign in with your Harvard ID and Harvard Key to access the site. Select a Building, Location, and Problem from drop-down menus; provide details of the problem; click "Submit Work Request." This website can be used to enter all non-urgent requests. PRESTO work order entries are reviewed daily by the William James Hall Operations Team and assigned to the proper person(s) for completion

If for any reason this system is not working, call Bill Santoro or Cindy Fiore at 495-3801.

PRESTO Work Order Request System


Be Careful With Valuables!

A wallet or purse in an unlocked office or desk is an easy target-please lock your office if you leave, even if just for a trip down the hall . Carry your office keys!  The Building Operations Office can provide you with a desk or cabinet keys.  The University does not carry theft insurance for personal property; insurance is available for computers and other equipment. Call the Insurance Office at 5-7970 for details.