Room Scheduling

The WJH Building Operations Office does the scheduling for most of the classrooms in William James.  The three WJH academic departments each control a few rooms of their own.  Note: Classrooms for courses and tutorials are pre-booked in advance by the Registrar's Office, (based on room requests fed to them by the departments, using the FAS system, and are approved or declined by either the WJH Operations Office or the academic departments that control their own respective spaces (Sociology and Social Studies).  Requestors will be notified by email.

Each meeting room is equipped with audio/visual technology compatible with most portable devices. Instructions for use are posted within each room. This equipment is managed, maintained and supported by Media & Technology Services, 495-5775.

Sections should be booked through the RoomBook system as well, but will not be reviewed until a few days after the course registration deadline, to allow courses (which may have moved) and enrollments to settle down once "Shopping Period" is over.  All section requests will either be approved or declined by the end of the second week of classes.  

One-time events may also be booked through the RoomBook system, but courses and sections will always take precedence.  One-time events may be bumped to make room for a course, or may be approved or declined only after the second week of classes.  Please note that there is a rental charge to non-WJH departments and others for the use of select rooms in WJH.  If you have questions, please email

Special Events: Internal and External groups may reserve space within William James Hall. Please contact Sabrina Joaquim at for additional information and fees. 

Meeting Rooms & Event Spaces

Room B1: (Basement) Lecture room.  Fixed seating, computer network capability, whiteboards, audio/visual projection system, holds 136.  WJH Bldg Ops books.  

Room B3: (Basement) Café/Lounge, kitchenette, vending machines. common space, open to the Harvard Community.  No classes or sections, but may be booked for special events as a break room for conferences, etc. in conjunction with basement classroom spaces.  WJH Bldg Ops books.  

Room B4: (Basement) Seminar room, audio/visual projector system, and holds 26, 16 around the table, the rest around the perimeter; audio/visual flat screen system.  WJH Bldg Ops books. 

Room B6: (Basement) Lecture room,  audio/visual projector system, movable desk chairs, holds 23.  WJH Bldg Ops books.  

Room 105: Lecture room, fixed seating holds 59, audio/visual projector system.  WJH Bldg Ops books.  

Room 226: Psychology only, no classes, no sections, Conference room holds 15
Please contact the Psychology Dept. at 5-3800.

Room 303: Seminar room, holds 20; Flat screen projector system; 2 chalkboards, 1 whiteboard.  WJH Bldg Ops books.  

Room 305: Social Studies only.  Seminar room, holds 30, 16 around the table; LCD projector system; 1 chalkboard, 1 whiteboard.  Please contact the Social Studies Office at 6-2957.

Room 350: Social Studies only.  Seminar room, holds 15 around the table; LCD projector system; 1 chalkboard, 1 whiteboard; Opens to Lounge.  Please contact the Social Studies Office at 6-2957.

Room 401: Seminar room, holds 30, 16 around the table;  Flat screen projection system. 3 whiteboards, 1 chalkboard.  WJH Bldg Ops books.  

Room 450: Sociology only, Seminar room, holds 35, 16 around the table; audio/visual projector system; LCD projector, 2 whiteboards.  Please contact the Sociology Dept. at 5-3812.

Room 453: Sociology only, Meeting room, holds 10; Flat screen projection system; 1 whiteboard; round table.  Please contact the Sociology Dept. at 5-3812.

Room 501: Sociology only, Seminar room, holds 30, 16 around the table; whiteboard, audio/visual projector system.  Please contact the Sociology Dept. at 5-3812.

Room 601: Sociology only, Seminar room, no sections, holds 35, 16 around the table; chalboard, audio/visual projector system.  Please contact the Sociology Dept. at 5-3812.

Room 802: Psychology only, Meeting room, holds 12, no classes or sections. Whiteboard, no AV system.  Please contact the Psychology Dept. at 5-3800. 

Room 950: Psychology only, Seminar room, holds 24, 10 around the table; whiteboard, flat screen projection system.  WJH Bldg Ops handles booking.   

Room 1050: Psychology 10th Floor Labs only, Conference room, holds 20, no classes or sections; audio/visual projector system, whiteboard.  Please contact Kesley Younce at

Room 1251: Psychology only, Meeting room, holds 12, no sections.  Please contact the Psychology Dept. Office (5-3800)  No built-in AV system, chalkboard.

Room 1303: Computer classroom, 10 networked stations, 2-way mirror (observes subjects in room 1305), A/V and computer projection system, plus audio system for monitoring events in 1305 in conjunction with the 2-way mirror.  WJH Bldg Ops books room.  For technical support, contact HUIT at for computer support, or Media Services (5-9460, or for AV projection support.

Room 1305: Psychology only, Seminar room, holds 40, 18 around the table; whiteboard, audio/visual projector system, ceiling microphones feed sound system in 1303 for observation via 2-way mirror wall.  WJH Bldg Ops handles booking 

Room 1465: Psychology only, Meeting room, holds 15, no sections. Whiteboards, flat screen projection system.  Please contact Kirstan Brodie for bookings at

Room 1550: Penthouse multi-function room, opens onto balcony; holds 35 seated, 70 standing; sectional tables seat 18; Ad hoc use only, no classes or sections; built-in A/V system.  WJH Bldg Ops books.  

WJH Courtyard:  A walled, sunken garden attached to the east end of the plaza; picnic tables and chairs, and benches. May be booked for special events.  WJH Bldg Ops books. Please email or for additional information on booking the WJH Courtyard.