Parking hang-tags for the current parking year  may be purchased by eligible WJH faculty and staff. Please note that any vehicle that does not display a WJH hang-tag will be ticketed or towed at the owner’s expense. The Parking Office monitors are particularly diligent in ticketing, towing, or booting unauthorized vehicles from the lot behind the building. Permits are required day or night, including weekends, holidays, and during semester breaks. The lots are monitored 24/7. WJH Building Operations sells a limited number of one-day WMJS lot visitor permits for guest lecturers and other ad hoc visitors. If you are charging a visitor's permit to a departmental billing code, please use the WMJS Parking Charge Form on our website.

Note: Psychology Department forms are available on the Psychology Dept. website (login required) Psychology Business Office staff must initial the form, and they will then forward the approved to a Building Operations.  This does not guarantee parking availability.

We do not sell visitor permits for building occupants’ personal use except for occasional, special circumstances. For non-WMJS lot parking, visitor permits may be obtained directly from the Campus Service Center or from the Parking Office website. You can reach them at 6-7827 for further information or visit their website at  A limited number of one-day permits for the WMJS lot are available online--at a considerable discount--from the Parking Office website for evening (after 5 PM) and weekend use only, so please take advantage of that for after hours parking!

The WMJS lot is generally restricted to holders of annual permits and visitors who are authorized by the academic departments at WJH, or by the WJH Building Operations Office. Visit the Harvard Parking Services website Harvard Parking for further information about other parking facilities, event parking and more.